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BCBA was an integral part of my graduate school experience

by Emily Lingeman, PhD | June 8, 2020

BCBA was a pivotal experience during my time in graduate school.

I held multiple roles within BCBA – project team member, project manager, and VP of Operations. It was a privilege working with incredible team members in each of these roles. Each position gave me great experience that I use in my day-to-day work post-grad school.

As a team member, I had my first hands-on experience with strategy consulting. Working with a team of five graduate students and postdocs, we analyzed the market size, investigated the competitive landscape, and recommended a path forward for a biotech startup. The work was exciting and impactful. This experience solidified my interest to pursue management consulting after grad school.

From there, I enjoyed the opportunity of taking on leadership roles within BCBA. Not only does BCBA provide hands-on consulting and science communication experiences for members, but the organization also provides a significant amount of leadership opportunities. 

BCBA also provided me with incredible friendships and mentors that have endured even two years after stepping down from leadership roles (as I was preparing to graduate). I still talk to these friends regularly and we support each other as we entered consulting across a variety of firms. 

BCBA is an incredible way to get hands-on consulting experience while providing an immense amount of value to clients. I look forward to watching BCBA grow and deliver more value to both members and clients.