Example Case Study

Prioritizing the Application of a New Technology

Case background:

A gene editing company has engaged BCBA to identify all monogenic ophthalmologic diseases that their particular technology can address, and then to prioritize ten of those diseases for proof-of-concept therapeutic targeting using their gene knockout platform.

To clarify with the client:
  1. Which indication characteristics might help us eliminate diseases from consideration?
  2. How much value would you assign each desired indication characteristic?

BCBA is commonly engaged for disease prioritization work. Projects generally start with client goal alignment, proceed through primary and secondary research and analysis, and end with a final presentation highlighting the project’s key findings and deliverables, as detailed in the below mock project outline:

All of this work is planned and organized by the Project Manager to fit into a 10- to 12-week timeframe, and Team Members conduct weekly research assignments toward project goals. An example Gannt chart structures the team’s time to meet client goals within this timeframe and highlights major progress markers to facilitate communication and progress checks throughout the project around established goals.