Academic Expertise to Drive Innovation

BCBA utilizes a unique project staffing model to recruit volunteer academic trainees with domain expertise from top biomedical research institutes in the Bay Area (UCSF, UC Berkeley, Stanford University & The Buck Institute) for each engagement. Our project team members are highly-motivated graduate students and postdocs who possess exceptional analytical abilities, creative and hypothesis-driven problem solving approaches, and deep academic insights that give them the ideal skillsets to address the life-science business challenges faced by your company. BCBA provides training, mentorship, project structure and guidance to focus the team’s abilities on developing insights and providing recommendations that drive innovation within your company and facilitate its success.

BCBA engagements typically run for 10-12 weeks and are staffed with a project team consisting of 4-5 academic trainees, a project manager with previous BCBA project experience and an industry professional to provide project mentorship and guidance. Our project model strongly encourages a partnership approach with the client throughout the engagement to provide frequent opportunities for iterative feedback and project scope/objective refinement to keep the team focused on your highest value targets. If you are interested in working with us, please email

Five Elements of Quality to Drive Biotech Innovation

1. Domain Expertise

Our team members are Ph.D. students and postdocs at some of the world’s most respected biomedical research institutions. Competitive interviews allow us to recruit domain experts into each engagement team.

2. Clear Plan of Action

From day one, our team works with you to understand your key business questions and pain points, which help us connect the right people and resources to your project. A written statement of work ensures that the project stays on time and in scope.

3. Institutional Memory

Since 2014, we’ve been working with companies to provide high-quality strategy solutions. In-house resources, best practices, training, and a tradition of mentorship help us consistently beat expectations.

4. Mentorship Culture

We’ve built a professional support network to ensure that each project team has the resources they need to succeed, including access to BCBA leadership and industry mentorship.

5. Iterative Workflow

We know our best work comes from close partnership and provide frequent opportunities for iterative feedback to keep the team focused on your highest value targets.

Previous Engagements

Survey of Oncology Biomarkers

A leading biotechnology company sought assistance with prioritizing biomarkers for the development of a new clinical diagnostic test.  BCBA analyzed the market demand and competitive landscape for over 100 biomarkers and identified six with the highest commercialization potential. The results of this engagement are now guiding the company’s research and product development strategy.

Market Opportunity Assessment

BCBA assessed market opportunities in ovarian cancer for a company’s novel therapy platform. BCBA analyzed clinical trials and interviewed KOLs to identify key patient segments, unmet needs, and clinical pain points.  Our research strengthened the value proposition of the company’s approach and identified key criteria required for adoption.