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The Next Generation of Biotech Founders

by | January 30, 2020

Join BCBA, Bay Bridge Bio and SVB on Thursday, January 30th for an exciting panel discussion!

While the stereotypical tech entrepreneur is a young software engineer, the biotech startup world is dominated by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in big pharma. But historically, most lasting biotech companies — from Genentech to Gilead — have been started by young founders.

The founders on this panel are the leaders of a new generation of young biotech entrepreneurs. Learn what they’re working on, how they got started, and how they raised money from top venture funds. The panelists are:

  • Ashley Zehnder, Co-founder and CEO, Fauna Bio
  • Liz Shepherd, Co-founder, Novome Biotech
  • Leah Sibener, Co-founder, 3T Biosciences
  • Maria Soloveychik, Co-founder and CEO, SyntheX
  • Sam Kintz, Co-founder and CEO, EnLiven Therapeutics
  • Moderated by Barbara Alcaraz Silva, Silicon Valley Bank

This panel is the first event in Biotech Startup School. Biotech Startup School is a free 10 week course on how to start a biotech company, with speakers who have built and funded successful biotech companies. Learn more about Biotech Startup School here:

The event will be held at Byers Auditorium in Genentech Hall at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus. Directions can be found here.

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