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Biotech Career Perspective: From Brain Science to Business Development

by | April 30, 2018

Join us on Monday, April 30th to hear about transitioning from grad school/postdoc to a business development position in industry. In addition, the talk will discuss different types of business development roles, and specifically, the role of Scientific Alliance Manager.

About the speaker:
Ryan T. Jones Ph.D, is the Scientific Alliance Manager at AbbVie Stemcentrx and a member of the Board of Directors at BCBA. As an alliance manager, Ryan helps to organize and manage a variety of external academic and industry partnerships to support the AbbVie Stemcentrx’s oncology research and development efforts. Before joining AbbVie, he was the President of BCBA and a post-doctoral fellow at UCSF focusing on the molecular mechanisms of homeostatic excitability. Ryan received his doctoral degree in neuroscience from UCLA, where he studied mechanisms of epilepsy and dynamics of neural microcircuits.

Monday, April 30th
6:00 to 7:00 PM
Stanford University
Alway M114
This event is co-hosted with Stanford Biotechnology Group.

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